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Axygen Trademark

Air Liquide Trademark

Schott Trademark

Memmert Trademark

IKA Trademark

Nalgene Trademark

Heidolph Trademark

Deltalab Trademark

Gilson Trademark

Socorex Trademark

Ohaus Trademark

Liebherr Trademark

Kern Trademark

Lovibond Trademark

Testo Trademark

Hanna Trademark

BigNeat Trademark

Vistalab Trademark

Sorenson Trademark

Interscience Trademark

Simax Trademark

Sanyo Trademark

Auxilab Trademark

Seward Trademark

Ovan Trademark

Bunsen Trademark

Nunc Trademark


LHP Trademark

Raypa Trademark

Labbox Trademark

TKA Trademark

Hellma Trademark

Sanyo Trademark

Carl Roth Trademark

Rotilabo Trademark

Sekuroka Trademark

Labcon Trademark

Bochem Trademark

Millipore Trademark

Fiochetti Trademark

Pipettes Calibration

Advantec Trademark

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                  The best of the world in your laboratory

General Lab Equipments(Stirrers, heating plates, centrifuges, ovens, baths, etc)

Measuring Equipments(thermometers, thermohigrometers, pH measurers, etc)

Micropipettes and pipette tips

Scales (Kern and Ohaus)

Everything else and more

Safety and Hygiene (Latex Gloves, Vinyl, Nitrile, Cryogenics, caps, masks, desinfectants, brushes, etc)

Lab Glassware(Schott, Linex, Simax, Bellco, and others)

Plastics and General lab consumables(bottles, slides, caixas, flasks, supports, etc)

Pipette Calibration Service

Cold and cryogenics(Freezers, cryoboxes, cryotubes, etc)

Chromatography (Spectrum Fraction Collectors)


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                          4YourLAB Private label - Further to the trademarks we presented we also have 4YourLab Private Label of Lab Articles

                                                   Click here to access to 4YourLab Trademark of products. Very Robust and reliable products at a reasonable

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