In this section you can download of watch leaflets, catalogs and videos about our products:

Glassware Catalogue SchottŪ(4,5 mb)

Catalogue for Electronic Micropipettes Socorex Acura Electro(0,5 mb)

Catalogue for Manual Micropipettes Socorex Acura Manual (0,68 mb)

Digital Micropipettes Socorex Calibra (0,2 mb)

Video about Nunc trademark(23,1 mb)

Autoclave Deodorants Anabac(0,1 mb)

 Bag Mixer Homogeneizer(0.05mb)

Homogeneizing bags Bagfilter(0,3 mb)

 Interscience Homogeneizing(Bag mixer, Bag Filter, Bag pipettes and tips)(0,3 MB)

 Oak Ridge tubes, Nalgene(0,09 mb)

Cryoboxes and cryotubes Nalgene(0,2 mb)

Centrifuges Hettich Mikro (0,19 mb)

Universal ovens Memmert(0,21 mb)

Shaking baths Julabo(0,06 mb)

Mini-Stirrers IKA(0,1 mb)

Magnetic Stirrers IKAMAG RCT BASIC(0,18 mb)

Pipettes Eppendorf(0,06 mb)

Nucleic acids analysis Genomera(2,12 mb)

Filtered tips Low Binding Sorenson(3,25 mb)

Shaking equipments Scientific Industries(0,75 mb)