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LHP covers a wide range of laboratory analysis needs with automated computer aided manufacture of both custom made standards and “Off the Shelf” standards

LHP® standards are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025:2005 and ISO Guide 34-2000

LHP® trademark also has some laboratory equipments like very robust and precise digital pipettes, centrifuges, new concept water destillers, test weights, furnaces, histology apparatus, ovens, between others. We are always looking for the best equipments. All the times we find an equipment with an exceptional relation quality/cost we do everything to sell it with our label.

We also have our 3D Petri Dishes, a prize-winning innovation that is getting new adepts in the US and abroad

We have yet a section dedicated to the oil/petroleum analysis, for what we are making available the more robust and reliable instruments to state-of-art glassware.

We are always adding more stuff to our range. If you are an end-user you will become amazed with the quality of everything we have. If you are a distributor, you are working with an actualized partner, that provides products with the best quality of the market allied to a practical and quick service, real-time answers to your questions, help in the marketing to the end-user, etc