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23 Metallurgy Samples Specimen Metallurgical Microscope


distiller machine


Item Description

Set of 23 Standard Metallurgical Specimens for Microscope
Can be used in Labs for Comparison, For Teaching etc
These Cover nearly Entire range of Metallury
Includes booklet with Images of samples through a Microscope
Information on Chemical composition, Mechanical Treatment, Heat Treatment & Etchent


Sample No. Title

1. Dead Mild Steel
2. Low Carbon Steel
3. Medium Carbon Steel (Annealing)
4. Medium Carbon Steel (Normalizing)
5. Decarburised High Carbon Steel
6. Inclusion in Steel
7. Hardened Steel
8. Tempered Steel
9. Carburised Steel
10. Tool Steel
11. Grey Cast Iron
12. White Cast Iron
13. Mottled Cast Iron
14. Ductile Cast Iron
15. Cartridge Brass
16. Muntz Metal
17. Tin Bronze
18. Electroplated Component
19. Anodised Aluminium
20. Fusion Welded Mild Steel
21. Friction Welded Steel
22. Powder Metallurgy Component
23. Deformed Mild Steel.
Inclusion in Steel

Packing List
Woodden Box
23 Samples w Silica Gel
Standard Booklet

Optional Accesories
Microscope with Camera








23 Metallurgy Samples Specimen Metallurgical Microscope

950 USD

726 euros