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4YOURLAB Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter model Basic


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GDY-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

The Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter is designed and made as per the International Standards for Heat of Coal\"and the international Test Methods for Calorific Value of Petroleum Products, Measurement and Determination Specification registered as \"Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter\", as well as Measurement Apparatus License SH BBB00000184\" Standard Q/YXYY 10 XRY-1 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter\". The heat capacity of the instrument is 14000~15000J/℃. It is suitable to determine heat value of petroleum products (Gasoline, jet fuels, diesel oil and fuel oils), which do not contain water, coal, paraffin and other combustible substance.
Instrument characteristics:
1. It adopts a high precision sensor. It is much more accurate and reliable;
2. It adopts microprocessor for control and LED for display. It can also save 31 temperatures automatically.
3. It is with integrated structure, so it is compact and easy to be operated;
4. The stirring motor has no noise;
5. It past anti-shake test, so it can be transported for a long distance safely.
Technical parameters
1. Mean value of heat capacity: 15 kJ/K;
2. Measurement accuracy for heat value: ≤0.2%;
3. Endured pressure of oxygen bomb: 20 Mpa; Test pressure in oxygen bomb: 3 MPa;
4. Temperature controlling range: 10℃~35℃;
5. Temperature resolution: 0.001 ℃;
6. Temperature saved: 31 pieces;
7. Power supply: AC 130V or 22010%, 50 Hz;
Size and weight: 400400600mm/18 kg;
8. Ambient temperature: 20℃5℃;
9. Relative humidity: ≤85%;








4YOURLAB Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Model Basic

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