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Live Blood Analysis Darkfield 2000x Microscope w Camera


distiller machine


Item Description

All Metal Construction
Glass Optical System
SEMI PLAN Objectives
Darkfield OIL Condenser & 100x DF Objective for Live Blood
Anti Fungus, Anti Reflection & Hard Coating on all Optical Components
40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x & 2000x Magnifications
High Point Eyepieces for spectacles
Variable Halogen Illumination
Movable Condenser with abbe condenser 1.25NA and Filter Holder
Adjustable interpupillary distance with diaopter adjustment
Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focussing Knobs
100% Light transfer to trinocular port for bright imaging
1280 x 960 Pixel USB Camera & capturing Software (WIN 7) & Optical Adapter
Camera with High FPS for Live imaging
FREE 50 Blank Slides & 100 Cover Slips
CE, UL & ISO confirmities
Ideal for Teaching, Clinical Research, Doctors
Best Price to performance Ratio


Model : RXL-4TDF - USB130M
Head: Trinocular Inclined at 45 Degrees & 360 Degree Rotatable
Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving with positive centering & click stops
Illumination: 6v 20W Illumination with 110/220V
Objectives: SEMI PLAN DIN 4x,10x, 40x Spring Loaded, 100x OIL SL
DF Objective: 100x Oil with diaphragm
Condensers: BF with NA 1.25 & DF Oil NA 1.25
Eyepieces: HKW High Point 10x & WF 20x
Mechanical Stage: Mechanical Stage 135x120mm, 75x50mm movement
Focussing: Coaxial Knobs
Camera Sensor : 1.3 Mega Pixel
Frames: 22 FPS
Camera Reduction Lens: 0.5x
Software: Live I maging & Capturing with Vista & WIN 7 Compatibility
Focus Stopper for Slide protection
USB 2.0 Interface with 1Mtr cable

Packing List
Microscope Body with Trinocular Head
Objectived DIN Semi Plan 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x Oil
Eyepiece HKW 10x & 20x
DF Condenser with 100x Oil objective
1.33MP Camera with Optical Adapter
USB cable
Software CD
Blue Filter, Immersions Oil & Spare Bulb
Darkfield Stop
Power Cable (Optional US, UK & EU Plug)
Cleaning Cloth
Dust Cover
50 Slides & 100 Cover Slips
Instruction manual

Optional Accesories
WF 15x eyepiece
Spare Bulb
Prepared Slides
USB or TV Camera
Heating Stage
Phase Contrast Attachment
Flourescent attachment
Blank Slides & Cover Slips
Woodden carrying case








Live Blood Analysis Darkfield 2000x Microscope w Camera

1371 USD

1047 euros