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Metallurgy Metallography Microscope w 1.3M Camera


distiller machine


Rugged Metal Construction
Glass Optical System
Anti Fungus, Anti Reflection & Hard Coating on all Optical Components
40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 600x, 1000xOIL & 1500x OIL Magnifications
SEMI PLAN M Objectives with Large Aperture for reflected Light
Micrometer Slide & Eyepiece with Scale for Calibration & Measurement
Variable Illumination
Field Diaphragm
Adjustable interpupillary distance with diaopter adjustment
Low Drive Mechanical Stage for smooth scan of specimens
1.3 Mega Pixel USB Camera with capturing Software Optical Adapter
Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focussing Knobs
CE, UL & ISO confirmities
Perfect for Metallurgical Labs, Auto Manufacturers, Opaqe Specimens
Best Price to performance Ratio


Model : RXM-7T - 130M
Head: Binocular Inclined at 45 Degrees & 360 Degree Rotatable
Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving with positive centering & click stops
Illumination: 6V/20W Halogen with Intensity Control. 110V/220V Option
Objectives: SEMI PLAN M4x, M10x, M40x Spring Loaded, M100x OIL SL
Eyepieces: WF 10x & WF 10x
Mechanical Stage: Built in Mechanical Stage 135x120mm, 75x50mm movement.
Camera Sensor : 1280x960 Pixel
Frames: 20 FPS
Camera Reduction Lens: 0.5x
Software: Live I maging & Capturing with XP, Vista & WIN 7 Compatibility
USB 2.0 Interface with 1Mtr cable

Packing List
Microscope Body with binocular Head
Objectived Semi Plan M4x, M10x, M40x & M100x Oil
Eyepiece WF 10x & 10x
Micrometer Stage 0.1mm
Eyepiece with Scale
Fiter, Immersions Oil & Spare Bulb
Cleaning Cloth
Dust Cover
Camera with Optical Adapter
USB cable
Software CD
Instruction manual

Optional Accesories
WF 20x eyepiece
Objective M60x
Objective M100x DRY
Spare Bulb
Specimen Mounting Press
USB or TV Camera
Heating Stage
Filar Micrometer
Grain SIze Eyepiece
Metal Analysis & Reporting Software
Woodden carrying case








Metallurgy Metallography Microscope w 1.3M Camera

799 USD

609 euros