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Profile Projector Optical Comparator Digital Measuring


distiller machine


NEW!! 250mm, Rotary Stage, Digi Micrometers 1um LC

Item Description

Compact Light Weight profile Projector with 250mm Screen Size
LC 1 Micron with Digital Micrometers 0-25mm
Screen with 90 Degrees Cross Hairline
Contour Illumination of 150W
Oblique relected Illumination Dual 100W
Manual Focussing By Knob
Quality Optical Lens with distortion Less than 0.15%
Standard 10X magnification
Noiseless Built in cooling fan
Ideal for Machinary & Component Manufacturing Industries


Model : RPP250
Screen Size: 250mm with 360 Degree Division LC 6Min
Objective 10x
Stage Movement: 35x35mm
Table Area: 110x110mm
Linear resolution: 1micron
Rotary Stage: 360 Degree Divisions 6min LC Dia 62mm
Max Work piece Heght: 100mm
Surface Illumination: 2 x 100W
Contour Illumination: 150W
Micrometers: Digital 0-25mm
Weight: 40Kgs
Volume: 860x550x350mm

Packing List
Projector Body with 250mm cross screen
Objective 10x
2 Digital Micrometers
25mm Gauge Blocks x 2
2 Spare Bulb
Cleaning Cloth
Dust Cover
Instruction manual
Calibration Certificate

Optional Accesories

Comparison Charts
20x & 50x Objective
DRO with linear Scales
Center Holding Device
V block
Magnetic V Block








Profile Projector Optical Comparator Digital Measuring

4687.22 USD

3580 euros