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Projection Microscope for Teaching & Textile Measuring


distiller machine


Item Description

Microscope with Calibrated Projection Screen
Ideal for Textile Labs
Clinical Measuremets
Classroom Teaching
Screen Calibration Slide Included
Anti Fungus, Anti Reflection & Hard Coating on all Optical Components
75x, 150x, 300x & 600x Magnifications
Variable Illumination
Movable Condenser with abbe condenser 1.25NA and Filter Holder
Mechanical Stage for smooth scan of specimens
Seperate Coarse & Fine Focussing Knobs, One would work even if other stops
FREE 50 Blank Slides & 100 Cover Slips
CE, UL & ISO confirmities
Perfect for Classrooms, Textile Labs & medical Labs
Best Price to performance Ratio


Model : PRM15
Screen: 200mm graduated screen
Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving with positive centering & click stops
Illumination: 12V/50W Halogen with Intensity Control. 110V/220V Option
Objectives: SEMI PLAN 4x, 10x, 20x, 40xSL
Eyepieces: Builtin 15x eyepiece
Condenser : NA 1.25
Mechanical Stage: Built in Mechanical Stage 120x120mm, 25x25mm movement

Packing List
Microscope Body Projection Screen 200mm
Objectived JIS Semi Plan 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Eyepiece WF 15x
Calibration Slide 0.1 mm
Blue Fiter, Spare Bulb
Cleaning Cloth
Dust Cover
50 Slides & 100 Cover Slips
Instruction manual

Optional Accesories
Trinocular Head
Polarizing Attachment
Spare Bulb
Prepared Slides
Darkfield Condenser
USB or TV Camera
Heating Stage
Blank Slides & Cover Slips
Woodden carrying case








Projection Microscope for Teaching & Textile Measuring

1278.43 USD

975.33 euros