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XD-1200N Muffle Furnace

Model:  XD-1200N        
               Sample size: 200x200x200mm (WxHxD)
Detailed Description:     
Chamber size
Working temperature
Temperature  accuracy
+ 1.C
Temperature controller
30 segments programmable and auto control
Heating elements
 Ni-Cr wire
220V 50HZ, single phase
Product Description
  ► Operation Temperature:  1100.C  ( 1200.C Max for short time).
  ► Maximum energy efficiency is achieved by surrounding the chamber with thermal-efficient alumina fiber ceramic insulation.
  ► Three sides resistance wire coil for fast and uniform heating.
  ► Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan.  Lower teperature in outside case.
  ► 0.5" diameter observation window made of quartz galss allow user to see insider chamber during heating operation. 
  ► K type thermocouple installed for immediate use.
  ► Temperature controll unit can be separated from furnace , and make moving at easy.
  ► PID automatic control via current limiting phase angle fired the resistor , e.g. SCR ( Silicon Controlled Rectifier)             
  ► Power control with 30 segments programmable.
  ► Vent port installed on the top for gas flow. ( gas outlet)
   ► Gravimetric analysis 
   ► Sintering
   ► Quantitative analysis
   ► Heat treating 
   ► Glass preparation    
Standard size:
 Type  Furnace size  Working / Max. temperature
 XD-1200N  120x120x130mm  1100 degrees Celsius/1200 degrees Celsius
 XD-1200N  150x150x150mm  1100 degrees Celsius /1200 degrees Celsius
 XD-1200N  150x150x200mm  1100degrees Celsius/1200 degrees Celsius
 XD-1200N  200x200x200mm  1100 degrees Celsius/1200 degrees Celsius
 XD-1200N  200x200x300mm  1100 degrees Celsius/1200 degrees Celsius
 XD-1200N  300x300x300mm  1100 degrees Celsius/1200 degrees Celsius
 XD-1200N  300x300x400mm  1100 degrees Celsius/1200 degrees Celsius