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Zoom Stereo Boom Stand Microscope w Live 1.3M Camera


distiller machine


Item Description


Stereo Zoom Microscope on Universal Stand with LIve Camera
3.5x - 90x Magnification in 3 levels & Working Distance
3.5x - 22.5x with Working Distance of 180mm FOV 52-8mm
7x - 45x with working Distance of 90mm FOV 29-4mm
45x-90x with working Distance of 50mm FOV 15-2mm
Circular fluorescent White Cold Lamp for Uniform illumination
Ideal for inspection of Electronic Assemblies, Soldering, Dissection
Rubber Industries, Auto Part Manufacturers, Watch Makers, PCB, Gemology
Live 1.3MP High resolution USB 2.0 camera for Video & Still Images
X-Y-Z 3D Boom Stand
All Metal Construction
Glass Optical System
Anti Fungus, Anti Reflection & Hard Coating on all Optical Components
CE, UL & ISO confirmities
Best Price to performance Ratio


Trinocular Stereo Zoom Head with Zoom Ratio 1:6.4, 45 Degree Inclination
Extra Wide Field 10x Eyepieces with 22mm FOV & Spectacle Correction
Auxillary Objective 2x & 0.5x
Total Maginification 3.5x-90x
Universal Stand on Cast Iron base with 3D movement
Swivel Focusiing Arm rotatable 360 Degrees
Camera Sensor : 1280x960 Pixel
Frames: 20 FPS
Camera Reduction Lens: 0.5x
Software: Live I maging & Capturing with XP, Vista & WIN 7 Compatibility
USB 2.0 Interface with 1Mtr cable

Packing List

Trinocular Zoom Head
Focussing Arm
WF 10x/22 Eyepiece Pair
Aux Objectives 0.5x & 2x
Circular Fluorescent Lamp with Spare Tube
Camera with Optical Adapter
USB cable
Software CD
Cleaning Cloth & Microscope Dust Cover
Instruction Manual








Zoom Stereo Boom Stand Microscope w Live 1.3M Camera

964 USD

733 euros