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CLASS N-TMQ.C 5070J 135L 

CLASS N-TMQ.C 5070J 135L

TMQ.C Series Fully Automatic Table Top Autoclaves



It is suitable to be used in sterilizing dressing, Class B Cavity devices, solid instruments, medical catheters, culture medium, and waste in the operating room, clinic department, CSSD, biological laboratories and other healthcare sectors.


Main Features:

●Microcomputer control technology, touch screen;

●Heating, sterilization, exhaust, drying the whole processes are automatically controlled by program;

●With instruments, instruments bags, dressings, rubber, liquid and other sterilization procedures for customized optional;

●Sterilization process is dynamic curves showed, LED digital display cavity temperature, time, alarm and fault code;

●Dynamic pulse with a positive-pressure exhaust functions, completely exhausting cold air in the cavity, to ensure the steam saturation;

●Equipped with steam water inner circulation system, no external water. The environment is clean and dry;

●Beep reminding when finishing sterilization.


Safety Protection:

●Over-temperature automatic protection: Over the setting temperature, system automatically cut off power;

●Door safety interlock devices: The door is only closed in place, power can be connected to heating steam; If there is pressure inside the chamber, the door can not be opened;

●Automatic releasing pressure safety valve: Over the setting pressure, releasing valve opens to release the pressure;

●Anti-dry alarm: Below the water level, automatically cut off the heating power, and display alarm;

 Electronic circuit safety devices: AC main circuit with a short-circuit protection, over-voltage DC control circuits with overload protection.


Main Technical Parameters:

Designed Pressure: 0.28MPa                   

Designed Temperature: 150

Max. Working Pressure: 0.23MPa         

Temperature Selective Range: 105~136 

Temperature uniformity: 0.5 

Chamber Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Temperature Precision: 0.1