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MG Series 185 liters


Main feature and characters

 Adopts world advanced embedded Dcimini MPU as control center to realize R TOS, it is the world most popular and newest control therapy which makes the system stable and perfect.
 Sterilization state, sterilization temperature and time are displayed LCD.
 Environment is kept clean and dry because there are inner cycle systems for water and gas, it does not need outer water source.
 It has fast, instrument, dressing and rubber sterilization systems and one self- define program for the Users.
 Faults could be self checked and displayed on the screen.
 Printer could be equipped according to users requirements to print date, time and process.
 Buzzer gives alarm when all the cycles are ended.

  Technique Parameters
  Design pressure:  0.26MPa 
Design temperature: 150℃
Rated work pressure: 0.23Mpa
Sterilization temperature: 105 ~ 136 ℃
temperature control precision0.1 ℃
Maximum temperature: 136 ℃
Temperature uniform: ≤0.5 ℃
Chamber material : Stainless steel SUS304
  Safety device

The system will auto cut off power when temperature over the rated temperature.
Door safety device: electric lock makes the sterilization could be run under conditions of the door is closed correctly, if the chamber ahs pressure the door can not be opened.
 The power will be cut off when water level lower than set value and alarm will be given.
 Electron safety device: the DC control loop with over pressure
protection, the AC loop has breaker.

Model Capacity Chamber Dimension
Voltage Frequency Power
MG-5090 185L 500*950mm 1250*850*1700mm 210kg 380V 50Hz 10.6Kw