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TMQ.CV Series Table Top Pulsation Steam Vacuum Sterilizer   



With pressure steam as medium, it is used in sterilizing medical dressing, utensils, class A, Class B hollow lumen instruments, catheters, and waste in the operating room, clinic department, CSSD, biological laboratories and other healthcare sectors.




Main Features:

●PLC control technology, colored touch screen;

●Affusion, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilizing, exhaust, vacuum drying whole process are automatically controlled by program;

●Dynamic pulsant vacuum exhaust air: Vacuum up to-0.08MPa, can exhaust steam in medical dressings, Class A hollow lumen instruments;

●Pulsation behind vacuum drying system to ensure parcels dry .

●High-performance built-in steam generator and steam-water separator devices, ensure quality steam,  without external steam source;

●With instruments, dressing, rubber and customized procedures for user's optional;

●With manually Bowie & Dick leaking and vacuum testing procedures;

●0.22μm HEPA filter can ensure the vacuum steam is amicrobic, to avoid further contamination;

●Dynamically LCD display temperature, pressure, time, sterilizing status, malfunction alarm;

●Equipped with maintenance reminding function. User-friendly maintenance equipment and replacement of wearing parts;

●Beep reminding when finishing;

●Mini printer is optional to real-time record the whole sterilizing process and malfunction informations. 


Safety Protection:

Over-temperature protection: Over the setting temperature, system automatically cut off power and display alarm;

●Door safety interlock devices: Only the doors closed in place, sterilizers to start working procedures. If there is dangerous pressure in the chamber, the door can not be opened;

●Dual overpressure protection: Automatic releasing safety valve: If pressure is over design , safety valve will open to release; Overpressure automatic protection control: If pressure is over setting, safety valve will automatic release and display alarm;

Anti-dry alarm: below the water level, automatically cut off the heating power, and display alarm information;

● Electronic circuit safety devices: AC main circuit with a short-circuit protection, over-voltage DC control circuits with overload protection.


Main Technical Parameters:

Designed Pressure: -0.1/0.28MPa           Max. Working Pressure: 0.23MPa         

Pressure Display Precision: 0.1KPa       

Sterilization Temperature Range: 105~136 

Temperature Display Precision: 0.1

Temperature uniformity: 0.5 

Chamber Material: SUS304 stainless steel