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.R-4060 75 liters Autoclave



Main properties:
The safety of the equipment is guaranteed by an heating auto protection device.
The quick opening pressure safe chain device guarantees the safety of operation.
The safety is guaranteed by safety valve that can decrease the pressure when it is too high.
The process of heating, sterilization, gas exhaust, and drying is auto controlled by program.
Temperatures are displayed dynamically and digitally.
Speaker will give off signal when the procedure is finished.
Environment is kept clean and dry because there are inner cycle systems for water and gas ,and it does not need outer water source.
AIDS virus and hepatitis virus can be killed.

Model Chamber Cubage
Chamber Dimension
Outer Dimension(mm)
Tray Dimension
Power Consumption
LMQ.R-4060 75 400X600 766X524X900 380X240, 380X260 6(380V) 110