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Autoclave CLASS


B-TMQ.CV-3870 80 liters


Class B- TMQ.CV-3870 80L

Main properties:
 PLC control and touch screen are adopted.
Temperature pressure and time are displayed dynamically and digitally. A failure display system is equipped.
Speaker will give off a signal when the procedure is finished.
Vacuum pump imported from Germany is equipped, vacuum measurement reaches -0.92bar. The air in the clearance of dressing, sterilizing bag and dentist hand device can
be pumped out with 3 grades pre-vacuum.
The high temperature steam can penetrate into the clearance in the porous material(dressing), sterilizing bag, and dentist hand device due to high penetrability.
Pulse behind vacuum drying system, the vacuum can reach -0.92bar and the residue
humidity of instrument after drying will not exceed 0.2%.
4 sterilizing programs and BOWlC & DICK and vacuum test programs are available. 0.2m bacterium air filter of air after vacuum, re-pollution can be avoided.
Printer is equipped to record the process of sterilization.
AIDS virus and hepatitis virus can be killed.
Model Chamber Cubage
Chamber Dimension
Outer Dimension(mm)
Tray Dimension
Power Consumption
TMQ.CV-3870 80 380X700 1000X740X600 680X300, 680X360 5.4(380V) 120