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Autoclave CLASS B-


TMQ.VP-3870 90 liters



Table top sterilizers



Type:TMQ.VP-3870 P3 professional sterilizer in lab (CLASS B)
Manufacturing department:Autoclave branch
Overall dimensions:1120◊860◊1500mm


 Product introduction
■Adopting pulsant vacuum technology, small size with double door, conforming with national P3 lab sterilizing requirements, professionally designed to sterilize the goods with strict requirements on sterilization such as waste products, water, animalís body, utensils, instruments, tools, dressings, sterile clothes in polluted district and clean district. It is widely used in biology product, pharmaceutical industry, supplying and surgical rooms in hospital and laboratories. This series of sterilizers are welcomed by the customers, and can substitute imported ones. 

The safety of the equipment is guaranteed by an over heating auto protection device.


2. The quick opening pressure safe chain device guarantees the safety of operation, if door is not closed completely, the heating power canít be connected.

The safety is guaranteed by safety valve that can discharge the pressure when it is too high.

4. The temperature can be adjusted from 121℃ to 134℃.

5. Built-in steam generator.




■Inner size of chamber:380◊800mm
■Cubage of chamber:90L
■Size of tray:780◊300(360)mm
■Consumption Power:5.4KW
■Sterilizing time/Sterilizing temperature:20/121min/℃(4/134min/℃)



■Adopting the double door construction and mutual lock system for front and back door for P3 lab, in order to form a complete protection between cleaning district and semi-polluted district, conform the stricted specification of national P3 requirements.
■Can recover the cooled steam water automatically, then sterilizing this cooled steam completely
■0.2um bacterium air filter ensures the sterile of air after vacuum, re-pollution can be avoided.
■Adopting OMRON PLC controller, the total course is done conveniently and automatically.

■Adopting pulsant vacuum technology, ensure the cool air exhaust completely from the chamber and sterilizing products completely

■5 sterlizing programs for instrument, rubber, dressing, liquid etc and 2 self-defined programs for your selection.

■Temperature and time are displayed dynamically and dititally. A failure display system is equipped.
■Self-checking trouble shooting system. LED display the trouble shooting info.
■Equipped with printer, recording the sterilizing course automatically.
■Speaker will give off a signal when the procedure is finished.



■PLC automatic controller(OMRON of Japan)
■High-efficient air filter(PALL of USA)

■Vacuum pump(Nash-elmo of Germany)
■Electrical-magetic valve(Parker of USA、SMC of Japan)



 Product standards
Standard on the product
■YZB/0072-2003 Shandong


 Installation requirements