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Computer Freezing Microtome



Product Description:
This machine is composed of rotary microtome and fast freezing system. Its freezing system adopts high-power thermoelectric refrigeration principles, advanced nano-materials and intelligent liquid crystal display, which has a variety of functions such as temperature setting and displaying, automatic constant-temperature controlling, automatic protection system (alarm), automatic frost, memory and slice returning as well as fast repair. Its sample chuck can be fast exchanged, hand wheel can be locked at any position, and thus it is of good performance and high efficiency. Furthermore, the reliable temperature adjustment is conducive to its slicing effect, which makes it the ideal product used in biological histology and clinical pathology.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Slice thickness: 1~35μm continuous slice  >35 μm freely adjustment
2. Maximum paraffin slice area: 50×40mm
3. Minimum scale of slice adjustment: 1μm     
4. Slice accuracy: ± 10%        

5. Preset temperature: room temperature - -55 ℃ 
6. Maximum temperature difference of freezing table: ≥ 60 ℃ 
7. Maximum temperature difference of cold knives: ≥ 50 ℃ 
8. Maximum area of freezing table: 45 × 40mm 
9. Cold knife and freezing table have all-English display of preset temperature and real-time temperature 
10. Cold knives and slicer forms into a 60 ° angle, easy to slice and patch 
11. Defrost temperature display, automatic recovery of freezing after defrosting
12. With  the function of memory and automatic recovery to automatically  keep the preset temperature after running
13. 4-7 minutes cooling can help it reach the slice temperature
14. Dimension: 470 × 320 × 320mm (SF-1508A-VI), 420 × 190 × 410mm (KD-Ⅵ) 
15. Weight: 22.5kg (SF-1508A-VI), 8kg (KD-Ⅵ)