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1. Computer automatic temperature control, automatic and manual defrosting, separate defrosting devices on freezers and sample chuck, dual compressor freezing;
2. Imported stepping motor-driven loading station and stepping motor control system;
3. LCD display specimens stroke, slice thickness, functional control, temperature control and date, time, temperature, timing switching, timing fumigation and defrosting, etc. separately;
4. Streamline design, elegant appearance
5. Spacious freezer and fast freezing sample frame
6. Humanistic dormancy, freezer temperature can be controlled within -1 ~ -10 Degrees Celsius, energy saving and extending compressor’s life; if sliced, stop dormancy and slicing temperature can be reached within 10 minutes;
7. Sample clamps are easy to use, safe lock of hand wheel;
8. Temperature is displayed in real time, freon-free freezing, fumigation and disinfection
9. Can freely set boot, shutdown, and defrosting, steaming time within a week;
10. Automatic retraction of loading station and slicing, electric control sample running system. Fast forward, rewind, slow forward and slow withdrawal can be automatically switched, easy to operate.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Freezing chamber’s temperature: -1 Degrees Celsius ~ -30 Degrees Celsius
2. Freezing table’s temperature: -40 Degrees Celsius
3. Additional semiconductor freezing temperature on the freezing table up to -60 Degrees Celsius
4. Slice range: 1 ~ 30μm adjustable increment 1μm, 30 ~ 60μm adjustable increment 5μm
5. Repair range: 1 ~ 95μm
6. Minimum scale: 1μm
7. Maximum sample diameter: 50mm
8. Sample vertical displacement: 70mm, horizontal displacement: 28mm
9. Sample retraction: 20μm
10. Electric sample feeding, with the speed of 0.8mm/sec
11. Freezer can cool down to -30 Degrees Celsius within 30 minutes
12. Frost-free glass sliding doors
13. Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz, AC110V 60Hz
14. Power: 600VA
15. Dimension: 660 × 640 × 1130mm
16. Weight: 148kg