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Fully Automatic Microtome



Product Description:
Fully-Automatic Microtome is a newly-developed products based on semi-automatic microtome by our company. It brings together the essence of designs, and manufactures in our company, owns the intellectual property and is ideal biopsy histopathology instrument.
Adopting streamline design, it has advanced functions and reliable performance and is easy to operate. The transmission feed system is controlled by intelligent programs, which can switch manual and electric smart chips fast and the speed of automatic slice can be adjusted and has a security emergency braking system. Sophisticated electronic and mechanical design and manufacturing ensures the accuracy of the complex, so that better results can be obtained. Intelligence operations reduce labor intensity and meet the ergonomic principles. 

1. Applying imported advanced driving system, which has the functions of repairing, slicing, fast forward, rewind and conversion; 
2. Liquid crystal display slice thickness, repair thickness and slice count; 
3. Both slice and repair can be done by the controlling system;
4. Hand wheel lock in any position to guarantee the safety of sectioning; 
5. Large capacity waste tanks that is convenient to assembly and disassembly; 
6. Fast and convenient exchangeable specimen chuck, namely, throw-away embedded and paraffin-embedded chuck; security alarm system;
7. Can conduct manual or automatic slice quickly 
8. Automatic slice has two modes—manual and continuous, and automatic slicing speed is continuously adjustable;
9. Free switching of repair and slice;
10. Security alarm system, driving overload protection and automatic sleep protection;
11. It has man-machine dialogue operation display mode, using the latest international products OLED display module, which has the features of high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle, fast response, wide temperature range as well as low power consumption; 
12. Safe emergency braking system 
Main Technical Parameters: 
1. Slice thickness range: 0.5 ~ 100μm 
0.5 ~ 2μm increment 0.5μm
2 ~ 10μm increment 1μm
10 ~ 20μm increment 2μm 
20 ~ 100μm increment 5μm 
2. Repair thickness range: 1 ~ 600μm 
1 ~ 10μm increment 1μm
10 ~ 20μm increment 2μm 
20 ~ 100μm increment 10μm   
100 ~ 600μm increment  50μm 
3. Sample maximum horizontal travel: 26mm 
4. Sample maximum vertical travel: 60mm 
5. Sample retraction: 20μm 
6. Sample chuck can revolve for 360 °
7. Minimum scale of slice adjustment: 0.5μm 
8. Maximum area of paraffin section: 50 × 50mm 
9. Sectioning accuracy: ± 10% 
10. Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz, 110V 60Hz 
11. Power: 150VA
12. Dimension: 580 × 360 × 310mm
13. Weight: 35kg