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4YOURLAB Glassware, Plasticware and Agateware


Serological Pipettes

PCR Tubes Innoculating loops

Glassware Dryers


Glass Beakers Low Form


Glass Beakers Tall Form
Thick-walled Beakers Low Form  

Beakers Polypropylene


Beakers PTFE

 Stainless steel beakers


Narrowed neck Erlenmeyers


Wide Neck Erlenmeyers

  Erlenmeyers with screw cap


Erlenmeyers  polypropylene


Closed-lead ring
Kjeldahl Flask  

Boiling Flask Round Bottom


Conical Measure Polypropylene
Measuring Jug Mortar with pestle Glass mortar
Agate Mortar  

Crystalyzing dish with spout


Evaporating Dish Glass
Evaporating dish porcelain Stainless steel  Bowl Melting Point Tubes
Thiele Tube U Tube Watch Glass
Weighing bottle short  

Weighing bottle tall form


Dessicator Knobbed lid
Vacuum dessicator with stopcock Dessicator Knobeed lid amber Vacuum dessicator with stopcock amber
Stopcok for dessicator Lid for dessicators Body for dessicators
Plastic dessicator  

Plastic Dessicator 2


Plate for plastic dessicator
Orange Silica Gel    
Volumetric flasks Class A Neutral Glass  

Volumetric flasks Class A Boro Glass(Handle Sudden changes of temperature)


Volumetric Flasks Class A Amber Boro Glass(Handle sudden changes of temperature)
Volumetric Flasks Polypropylene Measuring Cylinder Hexagonal class B Measuring Cylinder Hexagonal class A
Measuring Cylinder Hexagonal Polypropylene Class B  

Imhoff Cone


Stand for Imhoff cones
Pycnometer Gay-Lussac for Liquids Pycnometer for solids Volumetric pipette class A with 1 mark

Volumetric pipette class A with 2 marks


Glass measuring pipette, Class A Glass measuring pipette, Class A with safety bulb

Pipette Stand, rotary


Pipette Sterilizing can Burette with glass straight stopcock, class A

Burette with PTFE straight stopcock


Burette with Screw type needle valve PTFE stopcock, SchellBach type Plastic burette with PTFE straight stopcock

Burette Clamp


Burette clamp alluminium painted Automatic table Burette Class A

Richardson Bulb for automatic burettes



Plastic Syringes made for research