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Laboratory UltraQuality PCR Tubes

LHP Laboratory PCR tube strips and individual tubes are made of  the best Lab Plasticware of the market. Produced according to the highest standards of polymeric manipulation, eliminating even the smallest microparticle of undesired molecules, and its surface becomes the purest polymer of the market in lab handling. After, in the production, we treat the polymer inside of the product(where the liquid goes in) with a highly hydrophobic substance, generating a very low retention of liquids and, consequently, THE MOST ACCURATE RESULTS OF THE MARKET.....We suggest you to compare. Just pick a calibrated digital pipette, a calibrated analytical scale, some ultrapure water and...WOW.... you will, for sure, blame yourself for the time you have been using other products.

PCR Tubes
  Name:PCR Tubes



Thin-Wall Tubes provide faster heating and cooling than standard tubes, more efficient heat transfer, and shorter ramping times.
. Polypropylene Tube Plate

Thin-Wall Tube Strips provide the same faster heating and cooling as Thin-Wall Tubes in a convenient tube-strip format.
.8-Tube Thin-Wall Tube Strips with cap
.12-Tube Thin-Wall Tube Strips with cap


PCR Tube    
LHP120101 Flat cap or raised cap 0.2ml PCR tube
LHP120102 thin wall 0.5ml PCR tube
LHP120103 with cap 0.2ml*8 PCR strip
LHP120104 with cap 0.2ml*12 PCR strip