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Quartz Spectophotometry cells, quartz standardized labware and custom-made apparatus



Quartz Cells

  1. We give quotation for all the kindof quartz cells-custom-made or standardized - high quality products at less than half the price of Hellma, in example

  2. You can explain what you want or give the reference of other manufacturer(Hellma i,e) and we will give you price for something exactly equal




Quartz Apparatus and labware


Beakers Image

Beakers, Quartz



Clear Fused Quartz Rod


Clear Fused Quartz Tubing

Clear Fused Quartz Tubing



Crucibles, Quartz


TPL Crucible

Crucibles, TPL for Semi and Solar Markets


Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication


plates and discs

Quartz Polished Discs and Plates



Dishes, Quartz


Boiling Flasks

Flasks, Boiling, Quartz


Erlehmeyer Flasks Image

Flasks, Erlenmeyer, Quartz



Flasks, Kjeldahl & Distilling, Quartz


Reaction Flasks

Flasks, Reaction & Covers, Quartz


Graded Seals

Graded Seals, Quartz to Pyrex


Standard Joints image

Joints, Quartz, Standard Taper, Ball & Socket, and Stoppers


microscope slides

Microscope Slides, Quartz


Clear Fused Quartz Tubing

Pyrex & Borosillicate Products


Quartz Beads Image

Quartz Beads



Quartz Frits (Fused Quartz Porous Discs)



Quartz Wool



Stopcocks, Quartz


test tube

Test Tubes & Combustion Tubes