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SpoonScale 300 grams maximum and 0,1 gram precision


Digital 300g x 0.1 Spoon Scale Gram  Scale





100% brand new and high quality 
Can weighing, count, measurement 
LCD digital display 
With solar charger 
3 function: Tare function, Mode function, Hold function 
Auto power off after 60 seconds (button I for power) 
Volume of spoon: 30ml 
Measure weight: 0.1 to 300g 
Operation temperature: 0C - 40C (32F - 104F) 
Can be used in medical, industry, kitchen 
Units: g 、oz、gn、ct 
Maximum scale :300g 
Minimum scale: 0.1g 
Powered by:2 x AAA batteries 
(Not included) 
Package includes:

Digital spoon x 1 
User Manual x 1