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Digital Viscometer LHP

NDJ-5S digital viscometer can measure the absolute Newtonian fluid viscosity (dynamic viscosity). Widely used in grease, paint, food, medicines, adhesives, cosmetics and other industries and research institutes. 

Digital viscometer NDJ-5S detailed digital viscometer technical parameters: 
Model NDJ-5S 
Range (mPa · s) 1-100,000 
Rotational speed (RPM) (r / min) 6,12,30,60 
The number of random configurations rotor 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 kinds of rotor (Rotor No. 0 is optional) 
Accuracy ± 2.0% 
Reproducibility 0.5% 
Power supply adapter (input 220 V 50 ± 1Hz, output 15V 1.2A)